Dev work from VB to Java to even Objective-C and more!

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About this site

This is the list of L33tCh's apps created in a number of differing languages and on a selection of platforms. We also include a list of upcoming additions to the site first:



An iOS app which uses a web service to query currency values and compare the Rand to USD, JPY and GBP.

source... GoTo: CurConvert

Th3 GeneratorTh3 Generator

A simple "Name Generator" type app that takes personal details and usign letters of your name or date of birth etc. it creates a funny name or sentence. Currently developed in Android but plans to port to iOS as well.

source... GoTo: Th3 Generator


This site, developed in HTML with Bootstrap. Will grow as required and as I play around with the code. The purpose is to have a link to downloadable versions of my apps (or to their store locations) and to teh source for developers on the team as well as being a central hub for information and support of the apps.

source... GoTo: L33tChNet

Keewave Trading

A very simple site built on request as a "flyer" type page for information and queries. Built on a wordpress framework btu altered to remove posting and commenting functionality while still retaining the admin support for the company to take over when ready.

source... GoTo: Keewave Trading

Upcoming Development

This is the list of other apps and tools put together that are not yet uploaded to the site and/or any that are due to be started on soon. See this as a bit of a whish list:

Split The Bill
Gym Counter
VBA Macros
Auto Clip List
Crazy Block
Twilight Calculator