About Th3 Generator

What is your Star Wars name? Your Ramsay insult? Find out with this generator!

A simple "Name Generator" type app that takes personal details and using letters of your name or date of birth etc. it creates a funny name or sentence. Currently developed in Android but plans to port to iOS as well.

Just a simple app to calculate your name based on those "Your *** name" meme photos that use one the first letters in your name, or first few letters or birth date, or something along those lines.

Over time I will of course add new "Calculators" as I've called them but of course feel free to send me any suggestions to add.

You are all my tester right now, so thank you, Alpha testing under way. Please let me know if you have any bugs/issues or even ideas.

** Please note that this is in very early alpha **

Though there really shouldn't be any crashing bugs (it's a simple app after all) there is much to be updated and so any feedback and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated! I finally have it not so grey any more though so we're getting there :)


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Phone Landscape

Tablet Landscape

Tablet Portrait

Versions and Changes

A list from the current version back through all deployed versions with the major changes at each version:


  • A new calculator added
  • Fixed bug on unexpected text entry
  • Updated to start up with latest calculator selected (reversed order)


  • A few new calculators added
  • Major changes to help improve look and feel
  • Major changes to improve the ease of building new calculators to add


  • Zodiac calculator added as selection, not just on birthday set
  • Analytics updated (apparently I was overzealous in my expectations of the system...)
  • Background file sizes standardized (try to have only ~100kb app size increase per added calculator)


  • Implemented background images
  • Created landscape UI
  • Added analytic to find out which calculators are most used


  • Relocated a piece of code to ensure calculations run on first open even with immediate data changes
  • Updated sharing with link and text change to notify that the app received your click if your phone takes a moment to respond as some devices pause to load the default sharing menu.


  • Reviewed version naming (The default of 1.0 should more realistically have been 0.10)
  • Updated internal code for performance, size and better ease for adding more "calculators"
  • Implemented calculation when selecting which calculation you want rather than requiring a button press afterwards.